Remittance is a long expensive process

Billions of dollars are sent to the Philippines yearly, with 44% of Filipinos sending and receiving domestic remittance in at least every 6 months. For an average Filipino to send and receive remittance, he spends:

  • 21

    minutes to get to the nearest financial access center from their home

  • ₱43

    pesos to get to the nearest access center and receive the money

  • 11%

    more for remittance charges, 3% more than the usual banking fee

The Better Way to send money

Pearl Pay Remit is a mobile wallet app designed for the millions of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) that will allow them to send money to the Philippines in just minutes and at a fraction of a cost of a traditional bank wire transfer.

  • Mobile Accessible

    Use your mobile to remit money anywhere

  • Lower Remittance Fees

    Less than the traditional banking rates

  • Faster Processing

    Send money to family in just a few clicks

More than just money

Designed with Filipino families in mind, Pearl Pay Remit can send money to your loved ones wherever and whenever they are in the world at a fast, secure, and better way.

Finding its way around the globe

Send money home the better way

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